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Where We Go

Rowing at Miami is a year-round sport. The team participates in head races in the fall, trains throughout the winter, and competes again in the spring in sprint races. This past year the team raced and medaled in Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Chattanooga, TN; Boston, MA; Cincinnati, OH; and Oak Ridge, TN.

Outside of Competitions

Rowing at Miami is a club sport, which means the team is run for students by students. We are blessed with a wonderful coach, Randolph "Duck" Wadsworth, who has more than fifty years of experience with the sport, but the team is fully run by a 15 position Executive Board elected by the team each fall.

Joining Our Team

Each team member makes his or her own experience. Some are serious athletes who thrive on competition, while others are more interested in the close relationships formed by teammates. All types of athletes are welcome on our team.
If you have any questions or would like to let us know you are interested in trying out, please contact    

Brandon "Bubba" Rosborough, Men’s Captain 

Maddie Spurlock, Women’s Captain

Meet Our Executive Board


David Osborne |

Year: Senior

Major: Biomedical Engineering and Pre-medical studies

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Years Rowing: 2

Joining the rowing club has been the best decision I have made in college hands down. From the friends I’ve made and the sport that has become an addiction I have learned more than can be put into words. The time I have spent with MURC has reshaped the way I carry myself both on and off the water and molded me into a person that I am proud to be. On top of developing character, rowing is probably the most physically demanding sport I have ever done and has challenged me to pursue personal fitness goals. In all, MURC and rowing has given me a family within which I can develop myself both mentally and physically while enjoying every single second of it. My hope is that everyone has the opportunity to experience this at some point in their lives.

Vice President

Erin McGovern |

Year: Senior

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Biology

Minors: Spanish, Neuroscience

Years Rowing: 3

Years Coxing: 1

Of all the sports I’ve ever participated in, I’ve never experienced anything like the sense of competition and companionship that I’ve found in rowing. It has redefined for me what it means to be an athlete; not only do you learn more about the sport every day, but you learn more about who you are as a person and your ability to push yourself to succeed. MURC has taught me a new kind of personal discipline and given me a family that has already changed my college experience.


Men's Captain: Brandon "Bubba" Rosborough |

Women's Captain: Maddie Spurlock |

Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Years Rowing: 2
"Being able to row for Miami has been a dream come true. Growing up, I always wanted to try rowing, but never had the opportunity. This team embraced me despite the fact I didn't know how to row and taught me everything I needed to succeed. Rowing has provided the mental and physical challenge that I think every college student needs to balance out classwork, not to mention the opportunity to travel, compete, represent Miami, and be a part of an amazing. I’m so grateful I get to be a part of giving that experience to other people.”

Fall 2017 Racing Schedule

No upcoming events.

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We love meeting new potential teammates, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  The phone number provided is that of our President, David.

Miami University Rowing Club

(513) 600-8950


Our practices are Monday - Friday: 4-6pm and 6-8pm